At Karma, we’re making sure that you never have to worry about internet again. We want you to just be online.

Karma Go is pocket-sized WiFi that gives you fast and reliable internet, wherever you are. We don’t believe in contracts, hidden fees, or fine print. It’s about getting online and paying for data however you want. We have two ways to get online with Karma Go: We have two ways to get online with Karma Go: First, there’s Pulse, which gives you a steady amount of data for each month—you choose how much you want (5, 10, or 20GB) and buy more by the GB if you need it. Then there’s Refuel, pay-as-you-go data that never expires. On both plans, you won’t see any throttling or contracts.

Everyone should have access to the internet, which is why each Karma Go is open to the people around you. Anyone nearby can connect and get online. When they do, you’ll earn either 100MB or $1 in credits free.